IMCF 2022 in Hämeenlinna, Finland

IMCF 2022 in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Buhurt World Championships
in Finland

IMCF is international medieval combat sport buhurt’s annual World Championship tournament. It is arranged 9.-12.6.2022 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Tournament is organized by Medieval Combat Sport Finland. Tournament gathers hundreds of buhurt athletes and their support crew members from dozens of countries. Come follow these fast paced fights and full contact sport at Häme Castle!

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What is buhurt?

Buhurt is a full contact combat sport in which athletes compete against each other in medieval armor. It combines tough sport and medieval gear. In mass battles, two teams compete against each other and the goal is to make opponents fall to the ground. In duels, athletes compete in different fighting categories and gather points for solid strikes. In Finland, buhurt sport is promoted by Medieval Combat Sport Finland sport union and its eight local clubs.

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Program full of armored combat

IMCF tournament has grown from a small tournament into over 20 countries’ annual World Championship tournament. National teams from many continents take part in this tournament (e.g. Europe, US, Japan). Four day long tournament is full of duels in several categories and big mass fights up to 16 versus 16.

Keskiaikaisen kamppailun buhurtin MM-kilpailut Hämeenlinnassa 9.-12.6.2022_3