Buhurt – full contact combat sport in medieval armor

Buhurt alias Medieval Combat Sport

In Finland, sport is known as buhurt or Medieval Combat Sport. Sport is a full contact combat sport in which athletes compete against each other in authentic medieval armor and using medieval weapons. Yellow-wearing marshals and strict rules take care of athletes’ safety in the arena. Otherwise the use of force is free. There are both 1 versus 1 duels and big mass battles between two teams. In mass battles (buhurt), team size depends on the category and event: Biggest IMCF tournament category is 16 versus 16.

Buhurt urheilulajina Suomessa_MCSF_IMCF_2022

Buhurt is popular worldwide

Sport is originally from the Russian and Ukrainian areas. Sport was developed about 10 years ago and it was seperated from historical re-enactment events because of its athleticism. Currently there are active athletes, local clubs and national sports unions in about 40 countries. Farthest athletes come to annual World Championship tournaments from e.g. US, Japan and Australia. IMCF is one of the world’s biggest and most popular international tournaments, and that is why it is considered as the World Championship tournament. Other smaller tournaments are held all over the world and most active teams take part in these all the time. IMCF World Championship tournament is owned by International Medieval Combat Federation.

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Buhurt as a sport in Finland

Finland’s buhurt sport union is Medieval Combat Sport Finland (MCSF). Union’s goal is to develop the sport in Finland and offer help to all local buhurt clubs. MCSF has about 200 active members. Sport is very young and developing combat sport. Sport was brought to Finland in 2013 by a few Russian buhurt athletes. Sport started quickly and the first national team of Finland was sent to the World Championship tournament in 2014. Women’s team brought the first medals to Finland from IMCF 2017 in Denmark. Afterwards, Finland has received IMCF gold (women’s 3vs3) and IMCF bronze (men’s 5vs5). Many athletes have other combat sport experience but there are also many people who are interested only in the historical side of the sport.

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